The Hamptons Community League covers the following areas:

  • North: The southern boundary of the Glastonbury Community League (approximately 55 Avenue NW)
  • South: Lessard Road, up at 199 Street, then across at 45 Ave
  • East: The western edge of the Transportation Utility Corridor (generally following 199 St.)
  • West: 215 Street NW (aka Winterburn Road)


Formed in 2013, The Hamptons Community League leverages the skills and talents of community-minded volunteers to strengthen community connections through approved bylaws and policies, including the following:

The Hamptons Community League Bylaws

Digital Content Policy

  • Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly, and we invite any community member to attend meetings. Email us at info@thehamptonscommunityleague.com if you’d like to attend a meeting and we’ll let you know the location. Our meetings begin at 7:00PM on the second Wednesday of the month. Please contact us if you wish to attend any of the upcoming scheduled board meetings:

      • October 11, 2023
      • November 8, 2023
      • November 22, 2023 – Annual General Meeting
      • January 10, 2024
      • February 7, 2024
      • March 13, 2024
      • April 10, 2024
      • May 8, 2024
      • June 12, 2024