Traffic concern Hemingway and 204 St.

In a recent discussion between The Hamptons Community League and the City Transportation Traffic Safety branch, the intersection of Hemingway Road and 204 Street was flagged as one of the ones in The Hamptons area of most concern.

Here is an update from Civics Director Jason Murray:
A review of the intersection was requested and a traffic study will be completed.{RND_WORD} casino online A traffic tech will be on site during peak times to analyze the intersection and, guided by the Transportation Association of Canada Manual, City bylaws and Traffic Engineering Safety best practices, they will provide a response to our concerns. This being said, the City’s response is not driven by the number of complainants but by an empirical analysis of all the factors regarding the issue and I was told that too many inquiries may slow down response time.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to raise important issues that impact quality of life in our neighborhood.

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