Road work 215 St and 62 Ave

Our Civics Director, Jason, has an update on the status of the connection of 62 Avenue to 215 Street (Winterburn Road) and why 215 Street is currently closed.

The connection of 62 Avenue to 215 Street is a developer-funded project which is currently on hold because they are waiting for a utility (power line) to be moved so they can complete the asphalt paving and the concrete work at the 215 Street/62 Avenue connection. The anticipated time frame for this to happen is the end of October.

When the power poles are moved, they will complete the asphalt, the concrete curb and gutter can be finished and 215 Street will be reopened as well as the new stretch of 62 Avenue.

When 215 Street is reopened, motorists will notice improvements. There will be a permanent painted centre line denoting the lanes of traffic, turn lines and edge lines, and for the first time ever this stretch of 215 Street will have a curb and gutter on the east side of the road. The west ditch line of 215 Street does not belong to the City, so it will remain at least for the time being as it was with no curb or gutter. 62 Avenue will have curb and gutter, painted lines and traffic control islands at 215 Street and at Hemingway Road.

As of now, traffic lights will not be installed at either intersection, but after the new connections are opened traffic patterns will be monitored for bylaw compliance, traffic volume and speed. Adjustments will be made as the City deems fit.

Look forward to this new connection opening late October or early November.