Neighborhood Watch

PhilPhil Odegard is our Neighbourhood Watch Zone Leader and he encourages you to contact him if you see something suspicious or if you have any questions/concerns. He can be reached at




Update August 8, 2015: EPS issue alert for vehicle thieves in area

If you spot a silver 2014 Dodge Caravan bearing Alberta licence plate number BNF 0793, call the Edmonton Police Service immediately. The van was stolen from the Hamptons on July 31 and was back in the area earlier this week on August 4 as the thieves attempted to break into a garage in the Hamptons.

The van was stolen overnight on July 31 from the vicinity of 201 Street and 45 Avenue, using a spare key that had been left in the vehicle’s glove compartment. Surveillance video at the location revealed a grainy image of three suspects involved, two males and one female. The female entered the vehicle via the passenger door while the male with the baseball cap watched. Upon finding the spare key the female gave it to the male without the hat who returned to the vehicle, entered via the driver’s side door and left in the vehicle. The female appears to be Caucasian, blonde or light hair pulled back in a shorter pony tail, wearing a light colored baggy hoodie and carrying a backpack with stripes. The two males also appear to be Caucasian.

The van thieves returned to the area in the early morning hours of August 4 and opened the overhead garage door of the residence from where the van was stolen. The resident heard noise and went outside to investigate and noticed two male suspects attempting to pry open an overhead garage door further up the street. Upon being noticed, the suspects fled in the van north on 199 Street.

Please be aware of this activity and the vehicle description. If you spot this vehicle or these individuals, please call 911 immediately.

Update July 2015

At approximately 2:15 a.m. on Thursday morning July 16, an alert Glastonbury resident noticed a red four-door car with several passengers inside prowling the neighbourhood along Glastonbury Boulevard at slow speed with its headlights off. The driver would pull up alongside a vehicle parked on the street, stop beside it to scan the contents, then advance forward to the next vehicle.

The alert resident went out to his own vehicle and followed the car with his own vehicle, and was able to get a licence plate number before the driver realized he was being followed and fled the neighbourhood. The resident immediately reported the incident to the Edmonton Police Service. The license plate of the suspicious car is BRT 6690.f you spot this car in our neighbourhood again, please contact the Edmonton Police Service immediately to report it as a suspicious vehicle.

The Hamptons is located in the C4 district of the city of Edmonton, also known as the Southwest policing district. The southwest area is defined as:

  • Whitemud Drive to 34 Avenue SW
  • North Saskatchewan River to 215 Street

There is a lot residents can do with little effort or cost to help reduce crime in our neighborhood. One of the best ideas it to get to know your neighbours; it will make it easier to spot and identify potential issues on your street.

Edmonton police service also offer a crime mapping application to track reported crimes in your area and across the City of Edmonton.