Online membership snag

We appreciate your patience if you’ve tried to buy a membership online through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) website. Because of technical difficulties EFCL has been unable to add The Hamptons Community League to their Community League Directory. Residents of The Hamptons and Copperwood who input their postal code have been instructed to buy a membership to the Glastonbury Community League as a holdover from before The Hamptons Community League formed.

Our community league welcomes new members, and if you live within the following geographic boundaries you are welcome to purchase a membership for The Hamptons Community League.

  • North: The southern boundary of the Glastonbury Community League
  • South: Lessard Road
  • East: The western edge of the Transportation Utility Corridor (generally following 199 St.)
  • West: 215 St.

Until the new EFCL website is launched sometime in the fall, memberships can be purchased by mail or at events such as our Community League Day celebrations on September 20 (12-4 pm by the ponds on Hemingway Road).

Download the application form and mail your cheque to:

The Hamptons Community League
PO  Box 73120
Hamptons PO
Edmonton, AB T5T 3X1

2014-15 memberships are now on sale for $25/person and $30/family. The memberships are valid until September 30, 2015.