The Grey Zone

What is “The Grey Zone”?

The Grey Zone map

Map of the Grey Zone in relation to Glastonbury and The Hamptons.

If you live in The Hamptons neighbourhood between 55 Avenue and 62 Avenue, you are considered part of the Glastonbury Community League. From The Hampton Community League’s perspective, we term this area the Grey Zone. In the picture to the right, the area in pink is The Hamptons Community League boundaries. The area in green is the Glastonbury Community League. The area shown in grey is also within the limits of the Glastonbury Community League, even though the area is part of The Hamptons neighbourhood. The reason for the boundaries lies in how this area developed. The Glastonbury neighbourhood developed first in the area south of Whitemud Drive and west of Anthony Henday Drive, and not surprisingly, established their community league first. As there were few features typically used to separate community leagues, such as arterial roads (i.e., 62 Ave), the early leaders of Glastonbury’s Community League established their southern border along the same line that the developers used to delineate staged development areas. At the time, the use of the development boundary made sense. However, it now causes confusion for residents of The Hamptons who cannot join The Hamptons Community League.

An Unnatural Border

The southern boundary of the Glastonbury Community League cuts across Sister Annata Brockman’s school grounds, as well as The Hamptons neighbourhood. Most residents will note the changing fence colours as they drive along Hemingway Road. The fence colours represent the different developers then, and homeowner associations now.  This means a resident of The Hamptons, could identify with at least three different communities: their homeowners’ association, their neighbourhood, and their community league.

For Grey Zone residents, they cannot have primary members in The Hamptons Community League. Instead, they must purchase a membership for the Glastonbury Community League as their primary League, even though they live in The Hamptons. The best Grey Zone residents can do is have an associate membership within The Hamptons Community League. An associate membership does not give any voting rights in board matters, therefore, there is limited opportunity to determine who serves on the board, or in other decisions that a full member could participate.

What Could Change?

The Hamptons Community League wants to see our boundaries extended to the natural boundary of 62 Avenue. Our League would then represent the whole of The Hamptons neighbourhood. For more information, or to get updates, please email