Free the Grey Zone

The Hamptons Community League is undertaking an initiative to adjust the boundaries of our official community league servicing area. It may surprise you to know that, if you live in the area between 55 Avenue and 62 Avenue, you are considered part of the Glastonbury Community League. Find out why.

What is “The Grey Zone”?

The Grey Zone map
Why is the area in grey not considered part of The Hamptons Community League?

The map to the right shows the area in question. To the north of 62 Avenue, the area highlighted in green is the Glastonbury Community League boundaries as most would expect to be the case. The area in pink is The Hamptons Community League boundaries. However, the area in the middle is also part of Glastonbury’s boundaries.

This is because back when Glastonbury first formed their community league, The Hamptons was mostly an undeveloped area. In fact, there were multiple developers at work developing the area at the time. It was decided by Glastonbury to draw their southern border along the same line that the developer drew their area, and so it follows a latitude line that cuts right through our neighbourhood.

At the time, this seemed to make sense to those involved. However, now it has caused problems and confusion. It has become an area where there is a lot of grey fuzzy areas of concern, and thus we gave it the name, “The Grey Zone”.

“Free the Grey Zone” from What?

An Unnatural Border

The southern boundary of Glastonbury’s community league, if drawn with chalk, would actually cut right through Sister Annata Brockman’s schoolgrounds. As can be seen driving along Hemmingway Road, fences suddenly change colour between avenues right on the line. This is because differing standards apply for the different homeowner associations overseeing both neighbourhoods. A Hamptons resident living in The Grey Zone is torn between two communities.

Which Community League?

If you want to purchase a membership for the community league, you have to get one from Glastonbury first, even though you live within The Hamptons neighbourhood.

This means that, even though you live in The Hamptons, you can only have an associate membership within The Hamptons Community League, and you have to first have a membership in Glastonbury. An associate membership does not give you any voting rights in board matters such as at our Annual General Meeting. Thus, you don’t get have a say in who serves on the board, or in other decisions that a community league member would make and get to vote on.

This year, The Hamptons Community League is providing free memberships to those within our boundaries. Residents of The Grey Zone, sadly, cannot take advantage of this offer because they have to get one from Glastonbury first; and their membership is not free.

Funding Issues

Each community league receives a grant every year that is used to supply programming and services to the residents in the boundary that it serves. For residents of The Grey Zone, this means that even though you live in The Hamptons, Glastonbury is receiving the funding to serve you and not The Hamptons Community League.

This means that our ability to provide local events and programming is limited because our funding is effectively halved because half of the neighbourhood is, through no choice of its own, funding Glastonbury’s community league instead of The Hamptons.

What Would Change?

The Hamptons neighbourhood northern border is along 62 Avenue. If we are successful, then The Hamptons Community League northern boundary would move from the latitude line it is at now to the natural northern boundary that 62 Avenue provides.

There would be no more Grey Zone, and no more confusion about community league boundaries. We would be one community league with clearly defined boundaries consistent with other municipal divisions.

Funding for The Hamptons Community League would increase per year thanks to the additional households that would officially be within the boundaries. And yes, this will mean that Glastonbury’s funding will be cut by the same amount as these households would no longer be counted as part of their community league.

There is no discussion about adjusting the HOA boundaries.

What Can We Do?

The Hamptons Community League wants to fix this problem and eliminate “The Grey Zone” issue altogether. We need your support to do this!

We are undertaking a campaign to resolve this issue, and you can support it first by attending a Town Hall on the subject.

On September 21, at 7:00pm, at River West Christian Church we will be presenting information and getting feedback from residents of The Grey Zone about their feelings on this matter. If we have a majority of households that would like to see this issue eliminated, then we can move forward with petitioning the City of Edmonton to adjust the northern boundary of The Hamptons Community League as described above.

You may have already had a volunteer from The Hamptons Community League visit you with a door hanger. We encourage you to hang it on your doorknob to show your support. Discuss the issue with your fellow neighbours of The Grey Zone. Use the hashtag of #FreeTheGreyZone on Facebook and Twitter to help raise awareness of this issue.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as @TheHamptonsCL, and keep an eye on our website for updates.

In Conclusion

Glastonbury’s community league was formed before The Hamptons neighbourhood was fully developed. Now we are a fully developed community with a community league of our own. What once might have made sense several years ago no longer does.

With the help of residents within The Grey Zone, The Hamptons Community League can work towards rectifying this situation and continue growing as a community together.