Interested in a community-wide garage sale?

Do you want to be part of a community-wide garage sale?

We’ve heard from some residents in The Hamptons and Copperwood who would like to join together to have a community garage sale.

The community league will help out by organizing a date that works for most people and by promoting the event through free methods like Kijiji and community league promotions.

Go to our poll to choose the date that works best for you

Then email to give us your contact info so we can get in touch if there is enough interest from people.

2 Replies to “Interested in a community-wide garage sale?”

  1. Annette Fayant says:

    Would you have a community table for donations, proceeds going to the community league? I definitely don’t have enough for a table, but a couple good donations!

    • Janelle Beblow says:

      That’s a really nice offer! We hadn’t thought about having a community table. I’ll email you for details.

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