Babysitter Meet and Greet

With so many families in the neighborhood, babysitters are in high demand! We want to help connect babysitters with the families that need them. Attend the Babysitter Meet and Greet to meet each other at one convenient time and location.
Friday, November 21
6 to 8 p.m.
WECA – 6315 – 199 St.

Information for Babysitters
Thanks for your interest in the Babysitter Meet and Greet. We’re happy to help you find neighborhood families to babysit for.
Babysitters must register by November 12, 2014. You’ll need to complete a babysitter registration form and get your parents to sign it giving you permission to attend. Scan and email it to or mail it to The Hamptons Community League, PO Box 73120, Hamptons PO, Edmonton AB T5T 3X1.
We’ll be developing a Babysitter Contact List to distribute to families in The Hamptons who attend the event and if you consent the contact information on your registration form will be used.
To help you prepare for the Meet and Greet, we’ve developed a list of interview questions you may get asked by parents.

Information for Families
The Babysitter Meet and Greet is free for members of The Hamptons and Glastonbury Community Leagues and $10 per family for non-members. We will have memberships for The Hamptons Community League on sale the night of the Meet and Greet because the online membership purchase option through the EFCL website is still not working for our community league.
Advance registration for families is not required. Just show up on November 21 to meet babysitters in the neighborhood.
All families participating in the event will be asked to sign a waiver form releasing The Hamptons Community League of any legal liability.

How the event will work
Each babysitter will be seated at a table and families will have 10 minutes to interview the babysitter. When the whistle blows families will move to the next table. Depending on how many babysitters and families are registered we may adjust the process, but we’ll post any changes here on the website.

If you have any questions please email us at or phone us at (587) 786-6238.