The Hamptons Community League was formed in November 2013.

The geographic boundaries are:
North: The southern boundary of the Glastonbury Community League at around 55 Avenue
South: Lessard Road
East: The western edge of the Transportation Utility Corridor (generally following 199 St.)
West: 215 St./Winterburn Road

Board of Directors

The Hamptons Community League Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers dedicated to making our neighbourhood an awesome place to live.

President: Lynda Sherman: President@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Vice President: Phil Odegard: VicePresident@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Treasurer: Stan Tubinshlak: Treasurer@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Secretary: Vacant: Secretary@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com

Communications Director: Phi Phan: Communications@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com

Sport Director: Jamie Peers: Sports@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Membership Director:James Magilton: Membership@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Facilities Director: Vacant: Facilities@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Civics Director: Jason Murray: Civics@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Neighborhood Watch: Charlie Sherman: Watch@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Social Media Team: Olivia Law: Communications@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Soccer Administrator: Rebecca Schultz: Soccer@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Abundant Communities – Neighbourhood Connector – Lynda Sherman:                           AbundantCommunities@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Program Director: Irene Dimopoulos: Programs@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com 
Social Director: Rosy Aviles Borkowski: Social@TheHamptonsCommunityLeague.com
Member at Large: Vacant


The community league is governed by approved bylaws and policies, which are posted below in PDF format.

The Hamptons Community League Bylaws

Digital Content Policy

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly and we invite any community member to attend meetings. Email us at info@thehamptonscommunityleague.com if you’d like to attend a meeting and we’ll let you know the location.

Meeting Schedule

Our meetings begin at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.
Agendas and Minutes

Minutes from each meeting are posted here in PDF format once approved.

August 2015 board meeting agenda and minutes

July 2015 board meeting agenda and minutes

June 2015 board meeting agenda and minutes

May 2015 board meeting agenda and minutes

April 2015 board meeting agenda and minutes

March 2015 board meeting minutes

February 2015 board meeting minutes

January 2015 board meeting minutes

December 2014 board meeting minutes

November 2014 board meeting minutes

October 2014 AGM minutes (draft only, minutes will be approved at the October 2015 AGM)

September 2014: no quorum

July 2014 board meeting minutes

June 2014 board meeting minutes

May 2014 board meeting minutes

February 2014 board meeting minutes

January 2014 board meeting minutes

December 2013 board meeting minutes


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